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The Dane County Equity Consortium is committed to creating equitable opportunities and taking collective action to eliminate barriers associated with the predictability of success based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, first language, income or ability statuses.

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What Student Leaders Have to Say

2021 Youth Social Justice Leadership Forum

This forum really inspired me to get more involved with the younger students in my district. I have two younger siblings, and so I already have a lot of the connections needed to start a new program/event.​”

Educating myself more on relevant issues, forming connections that can help me formulate change, becoming more involved in my school community and clubs, and seeing how I can integrate the changes I want to see into our education system.

I am committed to talking to my school district to try and make our schools safe spaces for students that are inclusive, and making sure that we are having these tough conversations that need to be had in order to create change.”

“Do what I can to uplift the voice of people of color and people in the LGBTQ community. Share what I learned with friends and family and teachers at school”

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